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Mangrove project

In Lac bay the Mangrove Maniacs, a group of volunteers, are working very hard to keep the mangrove forest healthy. We do this by restoring the water circulation and by preventing sargassum from entering the channels. The mangroves are important to the island as they keep sediment out of the open bay (protecting the bay and the near by coral reef), are a splendid area for eco tourism (kayaking) and provide food, habitat and nursery space for a variety of different animals. Through our hard work, we have created and reopened important connections improving overall water circulation. There is still a lot of work to be done and some helping hands are needed to finish the job. Once open, we still need to maintain these channels by prevent debris and sargassum from floating in, otherwise the hard work is undone. For this we intend to install a removable screen at the entrance of the new connection. Hope you can join us on Saturday March 14. Meeting at Cai at 08.00
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